Watermelon Lovers Smoothie Bowl (Recipe)

Strawberry Watermelon Chia Smoothie Bowl

This summer staple is exceptionally refreshing, sweet, and vibrant. But that’s not all… Watermelon touts a multitude of health benefits and is nature’s ultimate hydrator. (It is made up of about 92% water after all.) Start your day off right with  watermelony goodness in smoothie bowl form!

This recipe’s success starts at the grocery store. Make sure you pick a very sweet, ripe watermelon and this smoothie bowl will taste amazing.

I see people often knocking on the rinds in an attempt to locate the best melon, which may work, but more reliable methods exist.

First off, make sure the watermelon is firm, symmetrical and dark green in color. The dark shade indicates how ripe the fruit is as well as its weight. It should be heavy for its size.

Lastly, the melon should have a creamy yellow spot on the bottom. If you can’t find this spot or it’s white/greenish, it’s possible that the fruit was picked too soon and will not be as ripe as you might want it to be.

Chia Seeds

Course: Breakfast, Snack, Dessert
Prep Time:
10 min.
Servings: 1
Calories: 479

Watermelon IconIngredients – For Smoothie

    1½ cup fresh watermelon (cubed & seeds removed)
    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1 tbsp. chia seeds
    ½ lime (juiced)

Ingredients – For Smoothie Garnish

    1 ripe banana
    4 strawberries
    ½ tbsp. chia seeds
    20 almonds

Watermelon IconDirections

 1  Start by cubing some of that great watermelon you just bought and add it to your blender.

 2  Blend it for a few seconds and then add the frozen strawberries, lime juice and chia seeds and finish the blending process.

 3  Pour the contents into a bowl and garnish with sliced banana, strawberries, watermelon cubes, chopped almonds, and chia seeds.

I could have spent more time making my bowl cool-looking, but I was pretty hungry. I would say if you’re making this for someone, bust out your creative side and make a masterpiece!

So why a smoothie bowl? In short: Food is best digested when carried through your system with a certain amount of saliva and if you don’t chew, you usually don’t produce enough. This is especially true for people who power though smoothies very fast.

Strawberry Watermelon Chia Smoothie

However, if you would prefer a traditional smoothie, this certainly does make a great one! If you choose to make it this way, substitute the chopped almonds for ½ cup almond milk and it will come out perfect.

Stay Healthy!
-The #HealthyFoodies
of Health Mastery Movement






  1. Ah…with my favorite fruit of all time. My mom and I have finished Costco sized watermelons in the course of four days . I’m really excited to try this recipe out. Wonder as a watermelon lover of for me, if it’s going to trump the acai bowls that are all the rage. This is the perfect recipe for the hot summer! Thanks!


    • Just four days?! Who can really blame you, though? 🙂

      Anyway… Let us know how you like it! But we can only assume you’ll love it seeing as you’re a fellow watermelon lover yourself.

      Thank you for the comment!

      -Bob & Eva

  2. I love anything that involves fresh fruits and not turning the oven on in the summer. This might have to be tested out this weekend with my husband to cool off after our long runs. Not to mention it’s naturally gluten free which is fantastic for me! 🙂

  3. Brilliant. Never know what to do with a watermelon other than eating it as it is :). I also like the idea of smoothie in a bowl although I am one of those people who loves to savour every drop of what I eat and drink so even a traditional smoothie can take me a few minutes to get through 🙂 I really love your recipes <3

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