Turkey & Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers with Mashed Potatoes (Recipe)

Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers

A colorful and supremely satisfying dish that is notably lower in fat, without sacrificing the flavor. Bold-tasting bell peppers have met their ideal match! Completely gluten free. And if you swap the yellow potatoes for sweet potatoes, it’s 100% paleo too.

When we think comfort food, we think “stuffed peppers.” (The mashed potato addition makes this dish even more of a comfort food!)

While we occasionally use grass-fed ground beef and/or a variety of hearty veggies, we typically eat this dish with lean meat. Ground turkey or chicken breast is ideal because that is all that’s used and there’s a lower fat count. Regular ground turkey or chicken has all sorts of pieces in it and tends to be lower quality (and not to mention fattier). You can also opt for simply grinding a cut of your choice yourself. It’s up to you.

When it comes to the bell pepper bit, it’s true… You could have used a different vegetable to stuff the contents in, but peppers seem to be the tastiest, most complementary option.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Course: Dinner
Total Prep Time:
50 min.
Total Cook Time: 2h 10m
Servings: 2-4
Calories: 514 (1 stuffed pepper with 1 cup mashed potatoes)

Ingredients – For Stuffed Peppers

    4 organic bell peppers (red, green, yellow, orange, or all 4)
    2 jars organic pasta sauce.
    1 pound organic ground turkey or chicken breast
    ½ cup organic jasmine rice
    1 cup filtered water
    1 red onion
    3 cloves garlic
    Spices of your choice (We use fennel seeds, garlic powder, dried parsley flakes, dried oregano, pink Himalayan salt, and black pepper.)

Ingredients – For Mashed Potatoes

    8 small golden/yellow potatoes
    2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil or ghee
    Spices of your choice to taste. (We use a mix of dried parsley flakes, garlic powder, dried oregano, pink Himalayan salt, and black pepper.)
    ¼ cup filtered water
    Garnish (chives)

Directions – For Stuffed Peppers

 1  Preheat oven to 350°F.

  Start making rice. Bring ¾ cup of water to a boil. Add ½ cup rinsed rice and bring to a boil again. Cover and bring to a simmer. Add a dash of salt, if desired. Cook for 20 minutes.

 3  While the rice is cooking, cut peppers in half (longways) and core. Place in glass cooking dishes. Finely chop onion and garlic and sauté for 10 minutes.

 4  Start cooking ground turkey or chicken. Cover the bottom of a skillet with olive oil, turn to medium heat and break apart turkey ground meat to resemble taco meat. Cook and stir around for 15-25 minutes or until you see absolutely no pink. Add spices. Within that time, the rice will be ready. At that point, take the pot off the burner and let stand for 5 minutes with the lid still on. Fluff with fork.

 5  Combine the cooked meat and sautéed onion & garlic with the cooked rice. Add one jar of pasta sauce and stir around well.

 6  Put meat-rice mixture into each pepper “boat.” Tightly pack.

 7  Pour second jar of tomato sauce over the stuffed peppers and add a tiny bit of water to the cooking dishes just to cover the bottoms. Cover with foil.

 8  Bake for 1 hour. A little less if you don’t like your peppers too soft.

 9  While your peppers are baking, start making mashed potatoes. The directions are included below.

Onions in Skillet

Directions – For Mashed Potatoes

 1  Dice up potatoes into small cubes.

 2  Put potato cubes into pot and cover completely with water.

 3  Add a pinch of salt, if desired.

 4  Bring to a boil.

 5  Boil for 20 minutes or when potatoes get really soft and you can see the skin slightly peeling off. You can keep the lid on partially but not fully or else it’ll boil over. Stir occasionally.

 6  Pour out excess water from pot.

 7  Mash with a potato masher or fork.

 8  Add 2 tbsp. ghee or olive oil along with spices & salt and stir around.

 9  Add water as needed. May need up to ¼ cup to make the consistency on the creamier side.

 10  Serve with stuffed peppers. Pour excess tomato sauce from stuffed peppers over the potatoes, if desired.

 11  Garnish with green onions and a few sprigs of green leaves (parsley, cilantro, basil, etc.)

Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers Have you ever had stuffed peppers?
If so, what did you stuff them with?


Stay Healthy!
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    • Thank you! 🙂 We love stuffed peppers and have stuffed them with curried lentils and a mix of rice, chickpeas, and green beans in the past. Sky’s the limit!

      We’d love to try your version sometime.

      What’s your favorite kind of pepper to use? (Green, yellow, red, etc.) Orange ones seem to taste the best. Mini bell peppers too. Those are tougher to stuff, though. Lol!

      • I have never tried stuffing peppers with lentils or any kinds of beans – sounds intriguing! I like a combination of red, orange, and yellow peppers, but baby peppers I leave for marinating. Too small for my kind of stuffing. You’ll have to wait till peppers are in season here, though, as I prefer to buy locally. Sorry! But look at the one I just posted, if you will. Strange but healthy and useful!

        • I got a bit adventurous and even added pumpkin seeds and kalamata olives to the lentil-stuffed variety.

          I honestly love them all. I’ll go look at that now. 🙂

          Have you ever tried stuffing tomatoes or grape leaves? My mother and grandmother make those often. It could be because they’re Greek. Stuffed grape leaves and tomatoes are definitely a staple when it comes to Grecian cuisine and Mediterranean dishes in general.

  1. If you take the mashed potatoes and completely cool them in the refrigerator, you can avoid the typical insulin response (also known as resistant starch.) Just gently warm them back up and enjoy the nutritional value! Just wanted to add this additional idea to your wonderful recipe.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you shared that tidbit of information with us. Also, including the skins lowers the glycemic index and so does that fact that you’re pairing it with meat.

      And while it might not seem like it, sweet potatoes have a lower GI than regular potatoes, so you can always swap. 🙂 Or you can ditch the potatoes altogether and go with cauliflower mashed “potatoes.”

        • Thank you! 🙂 We’ll have to create an article all about glycemic index and how food combining can help bring it down drastically. While sugars aren’t too much of an issue for us, we still would prefer not to spike our blood sugar too much.

          • That would be a great idea. Including Glycemic Load in relation to glycemic index could also help provide a clearer perspective to the consumer. After reviewing your site, it is clear you provide a great deal of VALUE to those readers looking to learn what it takes to become healthy. Keep up the good work and ENJOY every moment!

    • You definitely can! 🙂 I’ve made a vegan version with chickpeas (1 can), 1 medium zucchini, and a few mushrooms in place of the ground turkey. Stuffed peppers are a very versatile dish overall.

      You’re welcome for the recipe!

      -Eva & Bob

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