Top 10 Tasty Teas You Should Be Drinking!

Top 10 Tasty Teas You Should Be Drinking!

Teadvice: Try to purchase organic loose-leaf tea whenever possible. Unfortunately, there are pesticides found in non-organic herbs and some harsh chemicals can be found in conventional teabags.

Also make sure there is no artificial flavoring. Avoid decaffeinated. To tame that sweet tooth, sweeten your tea with organic raw honey or stevia rather than cane sugar.

 1  Honey Lemon Tea

This one’s for the minimalists! With a few drops of lemon (or more) and a few teaspoons of honey, you’re all set. No need to buy any tea for this.

Best Time To Drink: First thing in the morning.
Health Benefits: Improves digestion, cleanses the digestive tract and lymphatic system, great energy boost, eliminates “morning breath.”

 2  Earl Grey Tea

Like fragrant tea that isn’t necessarily too strong in taste? Then you’ll love this lightly spiced, almost citrusy tea. Countless studies show the benefits of drinking tea time and time again. Earl Grey is no exception.

Best Time To Drink: Morning
Health Benefits: Supports the immune system, relaxant, antioxidant-rich, fever reliever, alleviates indigestion and other digestive ailments.

 3  Peppermint Tea

This one is definitely strong in taste and is almost like a breath mint in liquid form–but better!

Best Time To Drink: Around the holidays especially, but anytime is fine. It depends on whether you get the peppermint herb (naturally caffeine-free) or peppermint black (caffeine).
Health Benefits: Stress reliever, clears sinuses (my favorite benefit because of my allergies), alleviates stomach ailments (as most teas seem to), inflammation-reducer, clears acne.

 4  Chamomile Tea

One word for this tea: comforting. Or maybe two: soul-soothing. It’s also highly aromatic.

Best Time To Drink: Right before bed. Whenever you feel congested or have a sore throat. This tea is my mother’s remedy to everything, it seems.
Health Benefits: stress reducer, sleep aid, immune system booster, eases menstrual cramps, soothes upset stomachs, anti-inflammatory.

*This is a remedy my great grandmother passed down to my grandmother who then passed it down to my mother. Whenever you’re eyes are irritated, or you have a splitting headache, soak two cotton balls in warm chamomile tea, close your eyes and put them on top. It may not cure you completely, but it does have a profound relaxing effect on you.

 5  Ginger Tea

Looking for some spice and mouth-tingling goodness? Ginger Tea’s the tea for you! It’s pretty intense especially when black pepper is included in ingredients list… you have been warned.

Best Time To Drink: Right after meals.
Health Benefits: digestion aid, relieves nausea, inflammation reducer, strengthens immune system, congestion reliever, appetite stimulant, improves circulation… ginger in general is the queen of super foods.

 6  Chai Tea

A personal favorite. And a great coffee replacement if you’re looking for a drink lower in caffeine, but still keeps you awake through the day. It’s also a whole lot healthier!

Best Time To Drink: Whenever you want to feel more alert, but if you get the Red Tea Chai variety, you can drink it at any time as there is no caffeine.
Health Benefits: Promotes digestion, improves overall health, keeps diseases at bay, mentally clarifying, fatigue reducer

*Try chai tea with half a cup of distilled water and half a cup of homemade almond milk. Add organic raw honey to sweeten. Stick a cinnamon stick in there just to be fancy. I’m drinking this as we speak.

 7  Cinnamon Tea

Another minimalist tea that needs no actual tea-purchase. You just need to have a cinnamon stick or two handy.

Best Time To Drink: Anytime! Or whenever you need some extra energy.
Health Benefits: Increases circulation, increases vitality, promotes heart health, inhibits bacterial growth, anti-fungal, alleviates PMS… it’s safe to say the health benefits are overwhelming for all teas, but especially this one!

*Why use harmful air fresheners when you can brew some cinnamon tea and walk around to spread the fragrant fumes throughout your home? And you even get a nice, hot drink at the same time. Win-win.

 8  Spearmint Tea

Another mint tea? I just had to! This one is a not-as-intense counterpart to number 3.

Best Time To Drink: Anytime!
Health Benefits: Relieves nausea, inflammation reducer, kills bacteria, relieves respiratory disorders, hormone support.

 9  Mixed Berry Black Tea

The benefits of antioxidant-powerhouse black tea AND antioxidant-powerhouse berries all in one? The healthiness and tastiness of this beverage is pretty much unparalleled. Make sure acai berries are in the ingredients list if you seek additional health benefits.

Best Time To Drink: When you want to feel alert.
Health Benefits: relaxes the body, extremely antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory,   immune system support, promotes healthy vision, energy booster, removes toxins,   promotes heart health

 6  Pumpkin Spice Tea

This had to make the list seeing as I’m writing this article in the fall. From pumpkin spice fro yo to pumpkin spice cheesecake… it’s everywhere! Why not have the fall festiveness in your tea?

Best Time To Drink: Don’t just make this a seasonal sort of thing. Drink it anytime! But make sure you don’t drink it around bedtime as this is usually a black tea. Black tea = caffeine.
Health Benefits: Ginger and cinnamon are included in pumpkin spice, so see the health benefits for Ginger (#5) and Cinnamon (#7) Tea and you’ll have your answer.

Ten Recommended Organic Tea Brands

  1. Rishi Tea
  2. Eden Organic Tea
  3. Just. Organic. Tea
  4. Lotus Leaf Tea
  5. Sacred Rose Tea
  6. Shanti Tea
  7. World Tea House
  8. Zhi Tea
  9. Numi Organic Tea
  10. EcoTeas

*Want to add a little oomph to your tea-drinking experience? Read this.

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