Top 10 Coconut Oil Uses

Why You Should Go Nuts Over Coconuts (10 Uses For Their Oil)

Mosquitoes suck your blood. We all know that, but I felt like I was special. In a room full of people, I’d get 10+ bites while others would get maybe one.

Thankfully, some wise lady saved me. Not from getting bitten, but from relieving the swelling. She handed me a jar of coconut oil and I looked at her funny.

“Looks like you’re allergic to mosquito venom. Put some of this on your bites,” she said nonchalantly.

Upon applying, I felt less inclined to itch and the redness subsided dramatically. My cortisone days were over! Placebo effect? No way.

Enough about me already, let’s get into how this super oil can benefit YOU…

First and foremost, make sure the coconut oil you get is organic and virgin… when you’re using it for food or for your body. Cold-pressed too, preferably. Intense heat tends to destroy a lot of its health-giving benefits.

Keep it in a cool, dry place. Never refrigerate it or it’ll become as hard as a rock.

A jar is about 5-7 bucks and it lasts a good while. Plus you avoid harsh chemicals by using it. It’s a WIN-situation across the board. Unless you’re allergic to coconut, in which case, there are alternatives (sunflower seed oil, olive oil).

Now, for the fun stuff!

 1  Lotion

The cool thing about this oil is it’s both a solid (when cool) and liquid (when warmed/heated). And a little bit goes a long way. You skin will feel baby soft!

 2  Hair/Scalp Treatment

Dry/damaged scalp and/or hair? Put a little bit of this stuff on your head before you shower. Give it at least a few hours, but 8 hours would be ideal. Then rinse really well. If you still feel some dryness, you can do more treatments.

 3  Anti-Frizzer

Did I mention a little bit goes a long way? You definitely do not want to pack it on or else your hair will look supremely oily.

 4  Wooden Furniture Polish

When I moved into my new place, I felt like I needed a new nightstand and dresser (they are both as old as I am), but didn’t have the extra cash. Coconut oil fixed the problem. Good as new!


Some people buy capsules of this stuff. You can simply eat a teaspoon of it a day for the same effect. Don’t over do it. More about this in a second, but coconut oil contains caprilic acid (and two other beneficial acids), which aids in digestion and balances the bacteria in the gut.

 6  Healthier Cooking

So, I mentioned caprilic acid… coconut oil is an amazing source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in general. Lauric Acid (can kill bacteria/fungus) being another one. The smoke point is 350°F, so it isn’t too high, but it’s definitely higher than other oils like extra virgin olive, safflower, and sunflower oil.

 7  Makeup Remover

Put a tiny bit on a cotton swab or ball and voilà! And it’ll moisturize your skin at the very same time.

 8  Lip Balm

Put a little bit at the tip of your finger and apply. If you eat some, oh well, it has a pleasant taste/scent and you already read number 5 & 6, so I don’t need to elaborate too much.

 9  Deodorant

Yup, this stuff works like a charm for this, too. You can mix it with some baking powder, but it’s perfectly fine on it’s own. Just let it dry before putting on your clothes for the day. Conventional deodorants are full of fragrances (which is a loose term that can include up to 600+ HIDDEN chemicals, according to The Scientific American), harsh chemicals in general, and even aluminum.

 10  Soothe Bug Bites

You read my story earlier. Hope it works just as great for you!

Have any more uses? Share away! If you give any of these a try, please let us know how they worked for you.

Eva Xanthopoulos

The Scientific American Magazine

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  1. I love this blog! Thanks for following me, mainly because it brought me to you.
    I’ve used coconut oil for several years, and buy it by the gallon/pound. My latest use is as a goo remover, a necessary item in my daily life. I recycle everything and put some items to use by turning my trash into treasures. After trying so many other diy recipes I tried the coconut oil with a few drops of lemon juice and in some jars, some essential oils for scented gifts items. One application is usually all that is needed to take off the goo, but when it is heavy it sometimes takes a couple of applications. Rub small amount on the area where the label was removed and the goo buildup is heaviest, wait a minute or two, then rub it off with a soft cloth — my favorite being old towels. If any goo residu remains a second treatment takes care of that.

    • Thank you so much, Angie!

      Yes, goo-remover is yet another wonderful use! I’ve actually used coconut oil to do that as well, but forgot to add it to the list. Thanks for reminding me and for giving us all some great tips. 😀

      And scented gift items? How creative!

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