Best Ways to Lose Weight FAST (Even with Low Willpower)

Best Ways to Lose Weight FAST (Even With Low Willpower)

Have you ever seen yourself in a photo and immediately felt embarrassed? Then you look back at older pictures of yourself and think, “Wow, I used to look so much better, and these weren’t even taken that long ago. What happened?”

“I’m definitely gaining weight!”

Fortunately for you, the shock of this realization eventually brings with it some newfound power.

“Time to start a program at my local gym, choose a diet plan, start taking supplements, and get back to a healthy weight!”

So you give 110% to working out, portion control, healthy snacks—the works!

But in a few months, you’ve relaxed into your old routines. After all, you lead a busy life and the time for exercise and preparing meals just isn’t always there.

If you’ve felt like this, you’re not alone!

Weight-gain is a serious issue and with nearly 70% of Americans overweight, it’s a very real struggle. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. You just need a plan that works and is easy to integrate into your existing lifestyle.

So before you think about surgery, diet pills or some other extreme weight loss measures, let me offer some help.

Here are five low-commitment tips that will have you toning up in no time!

Rebounding for Weight Loss

 1  Throw Out the Gym Membership!

Statistics have shown that less than 20 percent of people who buy gym memberships use them consistently!

Traditional fitness centers have their place, but it’s also no secret that they can be intimidating, crowded, and very expensive.

If you’re going to stick to exercise, it’s best to keep it basic and convenient.

For example, Eva and I have two rebounders (mini trampolines) in the house. These accompany our most frequented areas, the office and living room.

When we’re working, jumping on the rebounder makes for a good activity while taking a break or brainstorming. Even when we’re watching TV it provides something easy and constructive to do during commercials.

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You could use a treadmill, resistance bands, or even old-fashioned calisthenics (pushups, sit-ups, squats, etc.) in this same way. Get creative… It can be fun!

What are the benefits?

Well, short routines performed more than once a day have a lot of them. Most notably, this kind of activity results in several different metabolism boosts, which in turn burns more calories than the usual one-hour workout.

It also feels a lot less demanding and is more congruent with our evolution. Although human beings possess incredible endurance, we have also evolved to expend short bursts of energy (i.e. sprinting, jumping, and climbing) throughout the day.

If exercise is simple and accessible, you won’t need nearly as much discipline to stay on course. You can do this. I promise!

 2  Start Eating Fat. Yes, I Said it… FAT!

First of all, avoid food products that are targeted at people trying to lose weight. If a product says “low fat” it will likely work against you and actually contribute to weight gain!

The food industry, as you probably already know, has some sneaky tactics to make you buy and keep you as a customer.

As for “low-fat” labeled products, nine times out of ten, these companies will substantially increase the salt or sugar percentage. This is to compensate for the loss of flavor that comes along with reduced fat products.

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Unfortunately, increased amounts of refined sugar will stack weight on you quicker than anything! And excess salt will leave you looking and feeling bloated.

If you want to reach your ideal weight and maintain it, healthy foods containing natural dietary fats are key.

Avocados, olive oil, full-fat dairy, nuts and nut butters, full-fat salad dressings and real dark chocolate—are your greatest weight-loss allies.
-Dr. David Ludwig, Endocrinologist & Professor
of Nutrition (Harvard School of Public Health)

Stick to “whole foods” and avoid refined carbs, including chips, cookies, crackers, breads, and other processed snacks.

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It won’t take long to notice an increase in energy and alertness once you start eating more natural food. This will make exercise easier and you will just feel great!

Wake up and Start Eating if You Want to Get Lean and Fit

 3  Wake Up and Eat Like Royalty!

Your existing routine may render you without an appetite shortly after waking up, but this is something you need to work on.

Even if you’re too busy to make breakfast, have grab-and-go food ready ahead of time. Skipping your first meal is synonymous with weight gain and obesity.

Breakfast isn’t a meal to skip when trying to keep metabolism healthy and if you’re trying to lose or maintain weight.
-Keren Gilbert, MS, RD

It’s not always just “what” you eat that matters, the time of day is also vital. Your body needs energy first thing in the morning to initiate several important functions including your metabolism.

During sleep our metabolic rate runs slowly, but once we wake, our bodies need to speed up and end the fasting metabolic process.

Eventually, you want breakfast to be one of your most complete meals of the day.

It’s not often I can advocate pigging-out for weight loss, but there’s a time and a place for everything. The morning just happens to be that time, so enjoy it!

Breakfast Foods That Promote Weight Loss

 4  Build Your Diet Around Natural Fat Burners

I’m sure you want to know how to reduce weight while still satisfying your hunger.

In a world where a motto like “eat less exercise more” is tossed around daily, people often feel they have to starve just to see any progress. Some people even load up on unnatural products like weight loss shakes in an effort to curb hunger.

The fact is, a whole foods diet works, and you can even eat larger portions!

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and unprocessed meats are the components of a weight loss promoting diet.

All these foods work to help you lose weight and keep it off, but certain items like Hard-Boiled Eggs, Avocados, Salmon, Navy beans, Grapefruits, and Almonds yield the fastest results.

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The best advice I can offer you on this is to start adding loads of vegetables to everything you cook. If you’re going to make a roast, smother it with vegetables—even unconventional ones. Also, eat big salads containing many diverse ingredients, including nuts and seeds.

You know, weight gain can haunt you every day or you can make some small changes and choose another path. I know you want to be the healthiest version of yourself. I also know you want to live your life without having to count every calorie and worry about every single meal.

I’m here to tell you that if you make a few small commitments to what we covered above, you can get on that other path and stay there.

You can do this!

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What are some tips or tricks you have
used to help shed the pounds?

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*DISCLAIMER: Always consult a medical professional before applying the advice given throughout this website. While the articles on HMM are thoroughly researched, it is important to speak with your medical provider before starting a new exercise routine or introducing something new to your diet. We ourselves are NOT doctors, so the information we feature should not be used to replace any of your medications or lifestyle choices that have been recommended by your doctor. Read at your own risk and read our full disclaimer here.*





  1. Great tips! I used to be quite overweight in my teens and fad diets just don’t work. It’s permanent lifestyle changes that work and as they become a routine part of life it’s easy to stick with them.
    I started losing weight by getting an exercise bike and riding it while watching TV! I’m far more active than I was then but it certainly made for easy exercise to start.
    I completely agree with the fat information. People can be so afraid of fat but a lot of diet foods here in the UK are filled with more sugars and that sugar is going to really pile on the pounds.
    Btw, I forget to say, I’m glad to see you guys and your new site back up ! 🙂

    • Thank you! It takes time to reduce body fat. People often choose diets and workout plans that are so ambitious that they cannot be sustained for a long enough period of time to see real results. Small lifestyle changes are what truly transform a person over time.

      Your exercise bike example is a perfect example of a manageable lifestyle change! The sound, color and story-line of the TV show/movie engages your mind while the bike works your body.

      Cutting our high “glycemic index” foods is a strategy that really yields results.

      Thank you! 😀 Eva and I are super excited to be back up with the new site. We missed our WP friends!

      • And we missed you! :). Yep and the more I’ve done the exercise, and the more weight I lost the fitter I got and as a natural thing I’ve moved into doing more intense and different exercises. :). I think it’s really important to see anything you do in a positive way. When people follow diets or over ambitious exercise plans they set unrealistic goals and then feel bad for not accomplishing them. If you feel good about what you do you’re more likely to stick with it.
        Sorry for going on, I guess I like talking about certain subjects, lol 🙂

  2. I’ll be reading your tips faithfully. Since my spinal cord injury I’ve put on a tremendous amount of weight and exercise isn’t really an option. It may take longer with just diet changes but perhaps I can get there!

    • You can absolutely get there! My great grandfather was a chiropractor and had helped many people with serious spinal injuries maintain a healthy weight. His success with these patients centered around a whole foods based diet plan. Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth!

  3. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support. I have been enjoying looking around your site, seems we have fitness in common!


    • It’s nice to meet you too Shay-lon!! Yes, fitness is definitely a bit part of my life. It’s cool that you share a similar interest. 🙂

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