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Hi everyone! My name is Bob and I'm a health "nut," musician, and graphic designer from Cleveland, Ohio. I've been studying nutrition and fitness for over a decade now. On top of that, I come from a lineage of successful athletes. (My great grandfather was a multiple award-winning weightlifter and the Founder of Olympic Health Club.) When I have some time to myself, I enjoy jamming on my guitar, reading, watching documentaries, and skateboarding.
Hey everybody! Eva here. I'm a writer, health enthusiast, and bookworm hailing from the Greater Cleveland Area. As an gluten-free healthy foodie, I have studied nutrition extensively and hold a Diploma (with distinction) in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from Shaw Academy. When I'm not binging on whole foods (or the occasional Chipotle burrito bowl), I love bike-riding, writing poetry, and having deep conversations. To keep up with my antics, check out my social media sites!



Top 10 Rebounding Benefits

Rebounding Benefits: Top 10 Reasons to Jump like Nobody’s Watching

Fun AND exercise? Can those two things actually co-exist? Absolutely! And all you need is a workout trampoline and your inner child to get started. That’s right. Jumping...
Eva's Health Routine Main Photo

My Tried-and-True Health Routine that Keeps Me at a Healthy Weight. This Post Reveals...

What if I told you my secrets to maintaining a healthy weight? We all know that “one size doesn’t fit all,” especially when it comes to one’s...
Cat Yoga

8 Simple Yoga Poses for Newbie Yogis & Yoginis

Are you looking for a relaxing, health-promoting exercise that has nothing to do with heavy lifting and running for miles on end? Then meditation in motion (a.k.a. yoga)...


Woman Eating Salad
This science of life teaches us many things: How to drink water mindfully, how to exercise thoughtfully, how to eat consciously... But what’s...


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Dark Chocolate, Cherry, & Almond Rice Crispy Clusters (Recipe)

This is a dessert to be reckoned with! Ultimately, it's an epically satisfying yet incredibly simple-to-make treat sure to please that sweet-tooth with the natural sweetness of...
Colossal Salad

Colossal Salad: The King/Queen of All Salads! (Recipe)

This health food powerhouse will give you an undeniable energy boost. Fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts combine to form a delicious rainbow that just happens to be...
Verry Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Verry Cherry Smoothie Bowl (Recipe)

A trifecta of cherry sweetened by nature’s candy (pineapple, strawberries, coconut water). Get your bowls and spoons out for this "beverage" and put those straws and tall...
Pink Vanilla Smoothie

Pink Vanilla Smoothie Recipe (Banana, Strawberry, & Vanilla Extract)

Banana + strawberry + vanilla extract = vanilla strawberry "ice cream" without the dairy and added sugar. This traditional strawberry banana smoothie with a twist is naturally...

Date and Nut Bites Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

A super-easy-to-make, 100% guilt-free treat full of fiber and vital nutrients. Best of all? There's absolutely NO processed sugar, gluten, or preservatives involved! The naturally-intense sweet taste...